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What are the reasons for the shallow typing of the laser marking machine?

Time:2018-05-11 18:09:23

一、The lenses are dirty and there are stains.

So long as some cotton sticks are used, some alcohol is taken on it, then the lenses of the marking machine, the beam enlargement mirror and the focus mirror are scrubbed, and the stains are removed, and the shallow problem can be solved naturally;

二、The departure of the light path

If this happens, we need to re adjust the optical path so as to restore it to a good state;

三、The speed of marking is too fast and the way of filling is not reasonable

In this situation, the speed of marking can be reduced, the original filling mode is adjusted, and it is necessary to determine whether the workpiece is on the top and the focus is readjusted.

四、The current problem of the marking machine

If the power current of the equipment is too small, it will affect the character or the depth of the pattern. At this time, the current of the laser power supply should be increased, the frequency of the marking machine is reduced, the marking machine can run normally, and the words on the standard can be avoided;

For laser marking machine, the problem of shallow typing can be solved by these methods. Of course, the good method is to prevent it when it is used. In the ordinary time, we should pay more attention to the working state of the laser marking machine and eliminate the hidden trouble before the problem appears. This is the normal use of marking machine, if there are other problems in production and processing.

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