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What are the advantages of the optical fiber laser marking machine?

Time:2018-05-11 18:33:25

The advantages of optical fiber laser marking machine:

1.       No consumables, low cost after use

2.       Less maintenance can reduce the cost of maintenance

3.       The speed of marking is fast and the damage to products is almost nothing.

4.       The marking range is wide. It can be used for common metals and alloys, rare metals and alloys, metal oxides, special surface treatment, crystal, plastic, etc.

5.       For flat surfaces and camping concave convex non planes, they can be labeled

6.       Marking is more detailed. For small marking products, the next small number and LOGO can be seen clearly.

7.       It can play tens of thousands or more per second, marking speed is convenient and fast, and it can be used for large-scale production.

8.       It can be used in production line, because laser can be controlled by computer with predictable range and precise speed.

9.       It can make typesetting on the computer without making templates, which can reduce the processing cost.

10.   The fiber laser marking machine is compact and convenient, and the occupied space of the stereo space is small.

11.   The fiber laser marking machine has a long service life and is not easy to damage.

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