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What are the reasons why laser marking machines are popular in many industries?

Time:2018-05-11 18:36:05

Laser marking machine is popular in many industries:

The ink jet code machine used to mark the mark on the product before, but the ink jet printer has a great limitation. The marking is not lasting, it is easy to be smeared out; the consumable material is big, it will cause great waste in the process of use, and the daily cleaning of ink has a great influence on the environment. So many enterprises are slowly getting rid of the ink jet machine, such as the famous enterprises such as farmer mountain spring, Kangshifu, Foxconn, BYD, have already started to use laser marking machine, not only so, many small and medium-sized enterprises are also starting to use laser marking machine. Why laser marking opportunities are so popular are mainly for the following reasons.

1、Traditional marking equipment requires high labor cost and traditional marking method is slow, so it takes a lot of manpower to keep up with the whole production schedule, and the laser marking machine is not the same, because its marking speed is very fast, it takes only a few seconds to mark the workpiece on the workpiece, remember one time. When the client asked, he asked me that a laser marking machine could mark 1500 toys a day, and I told him that it was easy and that only one person could do it, so the laser marking machine could save the cost of manpower.

2、The operation is simple, using the laser marking machine to mark the mark on the workpiece only needs to enter the marking in the software system of the computer, then press the start button, so the requirement of the operator is not high, so it only needs to master the simple picture processing knowledge. Because the operation is simple, the boss does not need to worry about the flow of staff again, because the time cost of retraining a worker is very low, it only takes one or two days.

3、The mark can be made because the principle of the laser marking machine is to control the trajectory of the laser by computer software, so as to use the laser to move on the workpiece surface according to the predetermined trajectory, and to burn the surface of the workpiece at the same time to expose the deep material, so the marking is durable and unacceptable. It is easy to be tampered with, which can effectively prevent the counterfeit and shoddy products and cross regional fleeing and enhance the brand influence of the company.

4、A wide range of applications, both metal and nonmetal, can be used for marking, and even the very large glass can be labeled with a laser marking machine.
Use of optical fiber laser marking machine
What are the advantages of the optical fiber laser marking machine?
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