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Application solution for laser cutting in elevator manufacturing

2018-05-11 14:50:18

Application solution for laser cutting in elevator manufacturing

China is the largest new elevator market in the world. Due to the rapid development of the real estate industry, urban public construction and other industries, China's elevator industry is developing rapidly.

Application solution for laser cutting in elevator manufacturing

The market has maintained an increasing rate of 20% per year. In 1990s, the whole machine factory basically used a multi position punching machine to process plank. With several famous brand elevators in the world, laser cutting machines were introduced in the sole proprietorship or joint venture in China. The laser cutting machine began to be used in the domestic elevator industry.

In the early twenty-first Century, with the emergence of domestic laser cutting machine manufacturers, the first high power in China.The advent of optical fiber laser cutting machineThe situation that the laser cutting machine can only rely on imports is broken, and at the same time, the price of expensive elevators has also dropped significantly. The application of advanced optical fiber laser cutting machine has promoted the quality of the domestic elevator manufacturing. All the elevator manufacturers also realize that the automation and intelligence of the equipment can be improved so as to respond flexibly to various production tasks and improve the capacity.

Since the advent of the first high-power CO2 laser cutting machine in the world in the late 70s of last century, CO2 laser cutting machine has been the main force in laser cutting field. The CO2 laser has high power consumption, large gas consumption and complex external optical path, making it a soft rib of this kind of laser cutting machine. At present, the optical fiber laser cutting machine introduced by Chen hada technology has very fast speed, low operating cost, high reflective material such as cutting copper and aluminum, and no visible light road. It has become the ideal choice for all the big elevator enterprises.


Proposal recommendation:

There are many stainless steel plates and film materials in the elevator industry, and the requirements for the smoothness of the section are relatively high. Compared with the traditional CNC punch press, laser cutting has the advantages of high surface finish, no knife edge and no mold loss. The optical fiber laser cutting machine can also cut the smaller and smaller sharp angle, and can effectively avoid the plastic deformation produced by the stamping process of the punch press, and improve the core competitiveness of the product.In cutting under the thickness of 6mm, the fiber laser cutting machine has a unique speed advantage, for example, 1mm thick stainless steel cutting can achieve a linear speed of 70m/min, effectively improving the capacity of the enterprise.


The elevator manufacturing is mainly about 3mm stainless steel. In order to guarantee the finish of the stainless steel plate in the process of processing, the stainless steel is mostly with single surface film stainless steel, which brings some difficulty to the traditional processing method.

Advantages of optical fiber laser cutting machine for processing elevator:

●Flexible processing, low cost:The elevator is basically a small mass customization product, and the interior decoration is different. There are many kinds of elevator sheet metal parts. The traditional processing means have long mold opening period, complex programming and high requirements for the operators, which restrict the development of the elevator industry, and the advantages of the flexible machining of the optical fiber laser cutting machine have also been brought into play. Reduce the cost of product development.

●High efficiency processing and high quality:The optical fiber laser cutting machine can not only cut sheet metal material, film material and mirror material, but also cut all kinds of complex components, and the cutting speed is very fast, and the processing efficiency is improved. In addition, the non-contact optical fiber laser processing method avoids the deformation produced in the cutting process and improves the elevator quality and lift. Product grade, enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

●Intelligent processing, high qualificationThe optical fiber laser cutting machine has a high degree of automation and intelligence, which can flexibly cope with various production tasks, effectively reduce the labor intensity of the workers, optimize the production process flow, and improve the automation level of the production management in the elevator manufacturing workshop.

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