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Application of laser marking

3C industry laser marking application solution

2018-05-11 15:06:18

3C industry laser marking application solution

  • Overview of the scheme

      3C is the abbreviation of three kinds of electronic products, such as computer (Computer), communication (Communication) and consumer electronics (ConsumerElectronics). Nowadays, many IT industries are marching toward 3C field, making 3C fusion technology products a breakthrough for development and becoming a new highlight of IT industry. The rich 3C electronic products play a role in people's daily life, providing information, giving convenience, and even inspiring everyone's creativity. In product research and development, the lighter, thinner and more portable is the goal of the designer, which brings about the progress of new materials and new technology, and the laser is the representative of the rapid development in the manufacturing process of 3C products.

      At present, the laser processing technology widely used in 3C industry is mainly laser marking, metal deep carving, laser drilling, and so on. Under the premise of precision machining, traditional printing, stamping and CNC can not meet the increasing processing demand, or can not effectively control production cost.

      As a pioneer of laser industry, Chen Hao laser promotes the application of laser equipment in the industry and provides perfect solutions.

  • Proposal recommendation

    Laser marking

      Laser marking is a kind of marking method with high precision, fast speed and clear marking by using high energy density laser to locally irradiate the workpiece, to vaporize surface materials or to produce chemical reaction of color change, so as to leave a marking method of lasting clear and not easy to wear. Compared with traditional ink jet printing and printing, it has the following advantages:
    ● Persistent marking to improve anti-counterfeiting ability;
     The equipment is reliable, the laser marking machine has the mature industrial design, the performance is stable and reliable, it can work continuously for 24 hours, and the maintenance time of the laser is more than 20 thousand hours. The wide range of temperature adaptation (5 ℃ - 45 ℃) is widely used in various industries;
     The laser code machine can print a large amount of data in a very small range. The laser can mark the product material with very fine light beam. The printing precision is very high, the control is accurate and accurate. The content of the spray printing is clearly explained. It has a strong market competitiveness, and the environmental protection is safe. There is no corrosion and completely isolated the chemical pollution. For operators, it is also a kind of close protection, which ensures the cleanliness and cleanliness of production sites, reduces late investment and reduces noise pollution.

       Sunrise laser has fiber laser marking machine, UV laser marking machine, CO2 laser laser engraving machine and other laser marking equipment, which can meet different material processing needs.
    Laser marking machine

    Laser marking of Bluetooth headset  U disc laser marking  Mobile phone key laser marking  Laser marking of power adapter

    Deep metal carvings

      Deep metal carvings are widely used in electronic products such as mobile phones, notebook computers, cameras and other electronic products. Their clear outline, smooth bottom lines and the three-dimensional sense of depth make the appearance of the product more colorful. Choose laser processing depth, precise processing and clear outline. Compared with the corrosion method, the machining depth can be better controlled. Compared with the numerical control method, the sharp corners can not be machined.

    Deep carving of metal laser  Deep carving of metal laser  Deep carving of metal laser

    Laser drilling

      Laser drilling technology is widely used in many industrial processes because of its high energy, high focus and so on. More and more materials with high hardness and high melting point are easy to be processed.
      Compared with traditional drilling technology, laser drilling machine has the following advantages:
       The ratio of depth to diameter can be obtained by laser drilling.
       Laser drilling has no tool loss.
       Small holes can be machined on the inclined surface of difficult to machine materials by laser.
      ● Laser drilling is easy to drill holes in complex shape parts or to punch holes in vacuum.
      The laser drilling equipment launched by Sunrise laser can process micro holes, trumpet holes and decorative holes on metal sheets, plastics and composite materials. The pore size is 0.03mm-0.8mm, and the appearance is smooth and no burr.

    Cell phone panel laser drilling
      Cell phone hole laser drilling  
    Metal laser drilling

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