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Guide to routine maintenance of laser marking machine

Time:2018-05-11 18:00:37

The daily use environment of laser marking machine:

Equipment working environment: clean / dust-free

Working temperature of equipment:5℃--35℃

Equipment working humidity:5%-60% Non Condensing

Power requirements:220V/50Hz/2A



Daily maintenance of laser marking machine

1) Cleaning equipment internal dust, dirt, foreign matter, etc., with a vacuum cleaner, alcohol and dust-free cloth to remove dust, dirt and foreign objects.

2) Check whether the focal length is within the standard range and test the laser to a strong state.

3) Check whether the mirror is dirty, wipe with mirror paper.

4) Check whether the parameter settings on the laser are normal or not, and the laser parameters are in the set range.

5) The machine is normally opened, and the power supply, laser and operation software of the machine are opened.

6) Check whether the coolant of the ice water machine is above the alarm line and fall to the alarm line.

7) Confirm that the emergency switch is normal and effective, and check whether the servo is electrified after pressing the emergency switch.

8) Check whether there are laser protective glasses on the production marking equipment, and whether they are worn according to regulations.


A weekly maintenance of laser marking machine

1) Keep the machine clean and clean the machine surface and machine.

2) Check whether the red light preview can be turned on normally, the laser parameters are in the setting range, and the red light correction on the software opens the red light.

3) Check whether the cooling water of the laser is dirty, and replace the pure water for the laser cooling water tank (except for the fiber laser marking machine).

4) To clean the refracting mirror, wipe the alcohol with a special mirror paper and wipe it in one direction, then wipe it with dry mirror paper.

5) Check whether the laser light is normal or not. Open the manual laser and turn on the laser.


Monthly maintenance of laser marking machine

1) Check whether there is any loosening of the guide rail, there is no abnormal noise, oil leakage, clean with clean cloth and add lubricating oil.

2) Clean water tank pipe attached to ensure unimpeded, water pipe joints to dredge.

3) Clean dust, waste nodes and other foreign objects in the equipment, remove dust, dirt and foreign objects with vacuum cleaner, alcohol and dust-free cloth.

4) Check whether the laser emitted from the laser is weakening or not, and use the power meter to test.

5) Check whether there is any loosening of the power plug and connecting wires, and check each joint position.

6) Check whether the red light preview light path is offset or red light correction.


Half year maintenance of laser marking machine

1) Check the cooling fan of the machine, rotate normally, dust fan and PC computer dust.

2) Check whether the motion shaft is loose, abnormal sound and smooth running. Use clean cloth to clean and add lubricating oil.

3) If the water tank refrigeration system is normal, check whether the water temperature reaches the set temperature.

 Laser marking machine

Matters needing attention

1) Please wear protective glasses when working, so as to avoid glare and irritation.

2) Special attention should be given to placing hands in the range of laser scanning when using.

3) When the machine is not properly operated and cause an emergency, press EMERGENCY STOP immediately.

4) In order to prevent electric shock, it can not be operated by hand.

5) During the operation of laser marking machine, head and hands should not be extended into the machine to avoid injury.

6) No specific parameters can be changed arbitrarily without the permission of the equipment technician.

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