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What factors affect the fineness of the laser marking machine?

Time:2018-08-27 17:18:39

Laser marking machine identification sophistication by what factors Laser marking machines use laser beams to mark indefinitely on the surface of various materials The effect of marking is to expose the deep material through the evaporation of the surface material, so as to engrave the beautiful pattern, how to print a higher definition pattern The following is for everyone to introduce.

Fiber laser marking machine

1. The divergence angle of the laser beam means that the beam is divergent, and the divergence angle is the size of the divergence. The divergence angle is 0, which is the ultimate goal of the laser industry. But in theory and practice, we can only make the laser divergence angle close to 0, there is no way to achieve a divergence angle of 0. We all know exactly physical junior school, if real bundle of parallel light, after focusing mirror, parallel light is condensed on one point, this point is atrue positive infinitely small point. However, because there is no real parallel light with a divergence angle of 0 in the world , it is impossible to make an infinitely small point. The points after focusing are all large and small. This size is exactly the same as that marked by our marking machine. The lines are directly proportional. The beam expander is an optical element for compressing we beam divergence angle of the laser, large multiple of the beam expander, the beam divergence angle becomes too small.

2. A laser with a good spot pattern, a laser with a small divergence angle and a poor spot pattern, and a large divergence angle. This is why the beam expander is not used in the fiber laser marking machine , but the semiconductor marking machine is used. To. Of course, when our customers choose laser marking machines, the quality of the lasers is very important.

3. Laser marking machine laser energy and material interaction , the same laser marking machine, marking different substances, the lines are also different, if the laser energy used is different, then the marking line fine effect will also different.

To the laser marking machine is to identify the fine extent of the influence of what factors related presentations, I hope for your help.

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