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What is the laser welding machine to understand

Time:2018-05-11 16:13:33

Application of laser welding machine:


Solve various problems in casting parts, such as shrinkage and warping, so as to improve the precision of fixed repair. Laser welder, also known as laser welding machine and laser welding machine, is a machine used for laser material processing. It is a hot processing technology using laser beam as a heat source. It can deposit, seal, fill and fill the defects of die and metal workpiece, such as wear, scratch, pinhole, crack, defect deformation, hardness reduction, sand hole and other defects. Equal repair function.

Laser welding machine for metal jewellery

Characteristics of laser welding:


一、High strength of welded joint, uniform metal material structure (the same as the original defect casting material) corrosion resistance, can effectively reduce the fracture or rework of the disintegrating porcelain at the welding point.

二、Without embedding, the welding method is simple and accurate.

三、Without welding media, the oxidation of the welding surface can be effectively prevented under argon protection.

四、It can prevent the contraction deformation of the multi unit fixed bridge after casting and improve the accuracy.


Difference between laser welding and traditional welding technology:


1、The low temperature welding in traditional welding is a method of welding the solder with a flame spray gun heated to make it spread in the gap of the welded metal. Usually, the welding repair body is embedded and preheated. This method is cumbersome in operation, and has many defects such as deformation, breakage, corrosion and so on.

2、Laser welding technology is a high intensity laser beam radiation to the metal surface, through the interaction of laser and metal, metal absorption laser into heat, cooling the metal after melting to crystallize, forming welding. The characteristic is that the deformation probability of the welded workpiece is very small, and there is hardly any connection gap, so the welding quality is higher than the traditional welding method.

3、Compared with the traditional welding technology, the main advantages of laser welding are: fast speed, high solder joint strength, small heat affected zone, strong penetrability and small deformation. It can be welded at room temperature or under special conditions, and the welding equipment is simple. For example, a laser passes through an electromagnetic field, and the beam does not shift; the laser can be welded in a vacuum, air, and a certain gas environment, and can be welded through glass or transparent material. It is easy to weld unapproachable parts, and it has great flexibility to carry out non-contact remote welding. The laser beam is easy to realize light beam splitting in time and space, and can process multiple beams simultaneously and process in many directions, which provides conditions for more precise welding.


Application and processing method of laser welding:


1.Welding surface treatment: sandblasting the welding surface to remove metal oxide on the welding surface, prevent energy loss during welding and improve welding quality.

2.Shrinkage cavity treatment: shrinkage often occurs in thicker parts such as bridge, with a diameter of 0.5~2mm, especially for Co-Cr steel. Although it can be prevented by means of storing gold balls in general, sometimes shrinkage problems occur. At this time, the electrode with the same material for the crown bridge can be selected, and the corresponding parameters can be adjusted by laser spot welding machine to fill the shrinkage hole and smooth the welding surface.

3.Warping treatment: warping often occurs in long bridges over 5 units. The longer the bridge units, the higher the probability of occurrence. With the 0.2mm ultra-thin sand sheet sawing and warping the problem bridge section, the welding rod of the same material with the defective crown and bridge is selected to be modified into the required shape and inserted into the 0.5mm SAW seam. The laser spot welding machine is used to adjust the corresponding parameters to weld, fill the SAW seam, and smooth the welding surface. During operation, it is necessary to note that the solder joint should cover more than 70% of the solder joint area.


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