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What is the reason why laser marking machine sometimes produces sparks?

Time:2018-05-11 16:30:40

What is the reason why laser marking machine sometimes produces sparks? As a modern precision processing method, laser marking machine has advantages over traditional processing methods such as printing, mechanical characterization, EDM. Laser marking equipment has the performance of maintenance free, free adjustment and high reliability. It is especially suitable for the fields of high precision, depth and smoothness. So it is widely used in industry. The machinable metal products are iron, copper, stainless steel, gold, alloy, aluminum, silver and metal oxide. Chen Hao Da laser marking machine has been drawing on the needs of users, relying on strong technical strength and providing customers with advanced and applicable products for R & D principles and tailor-made products for users.

 Optical fiber laser marking machine

In the process of processing the product, the laser marking machine sometimes appears the phenomenon of sparking and smoking on the surface of the product marking. This phenomenon shows that the marking of the product has been too big on the surface of the product, and the success rate of the product has been too large, the result of the product is either rough, it has already damaged the surface, and the laser marking is used. The requirements of the effect are relatively high. If the product is to be guaranteed, the user must master the power regulation of the marking machine, and the laser absorption of different material surface skillfully. To eliminate the phenomenon of sparks, what is the cause of sparks generated by laser marking machines?


Analysis of cause of spark in laser marking machine

1、Generally, the commonly used laser is hot laser processing, the principle is to use heat to make the product of the marking chemical or physical function, so as to complete the marking target of laser marking.

2、The different properties of the products determine that the absorptivity of different materials to laser is also very different.

3、The laser spot pattern also has certain connection with the sparking phenomenon.

4、Focal adjustment: positive coke, defocusing (also divided into positive defocus and negative defocus) has different effects on marking fruit.

5、The speed and power of marking can be adjusted to some extent, and the effect of marking is more effective.

6、Hardware: when the time delay between the galvanometer and the laser is calibrated, the spark on the node or the folding point should be reduced.


The correct operation process of laser marking machine:

1、Connect the power supply to the external supply.

2、Turn on the computer and enter the marking software, draw a figure or input a bit of text at the scale inside the scale, click the "universal marking" button, (that is, the red sun), and click the "mark" button in the "general marking" dialog box, so that the number of marking times above is at least 1.。

3、Start the main power supply, insert the system key into the key hole in the upper right corner of the main control box, roll the key switch clockwise to the key switch clockwise (clockwise rolling 90 degrees) open the power supply, press the start switch, hear the sound of the contact of the electromagnetic relay contacts in the machine and the sound of the cold water chiller pump, and see the display of the cold water machine when it appears. Temperature at the time. At the moment, all kinds of alarm lights and indicator lights on the main cabinet are only Scan Driver Alarm lights.

4、Start the laser power supply: first turn on the air switch on the front panel of the laser power supply, adjust the current regulating knob, and the current displayed in the digital display is small. Press the start button and the operation indicator light is on. After a few seconds, the krypton lamp is triggered and ignited. The digital display shows the magnitude of the current practice.

5、Turn on the power switch on the Q drive box, make the acousto-optic Q enter the operation status. At the moment, the Q driver box power supply start indicator light.

6、Switch the power supply switch of the galvanometer driver on the main control box to the ON position, and enable the mirror to enter the operation state. At the moment, the Scan Driver Alarm lamp on the main control box is extinguishes.

7、From the gold and orange marking software to import the required graphics, to adjust the krypton lamp current to the demand value, and to adjust the focal length and marking parameters, then the production can be made.


The above is the cause of the laser marking machine to produce sparks, only to find out the reason to better solve the spark phenomenon, and then combined with the correct operation method, believe that the product can be processed.


(This article is originated from Sunrise laser, and the source must be reproduced:www.chdlaser.com,To cherish the fruits of others' labour is to respect themselves)

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