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Ultra fine processing market for UV laser marking machine

Time:2018-05-11 16:37:32

Nowadays, social production is becoming more intelligent and automatic. The development of laser industry is changing rapidly. Because of the special laser beam characteristics, since the birth of the laser, it has played an important role in the field of machinery. It has become an important processing technology in the manufacturing industry with its unique advantages, and is known as the new processing technology in the twenty-first Century.

 UV laser marking machine

With the rapid development of the laser application industry, the innovation of all kinds of laser equipment is accelerated, and the laser marking machine is a very important part of the laser technology. As a product of the laser marking machine, the UV laser marking machine is a newly developed laser processing technology.


In the field of modern precision processing, the traditional laser marking machine is a laser hot processing technology, and the precision has a restrictive development. In this context, the UV laser marking machine has become the favorite of the new era. It uses a cold working process, which is called "photoetching" effect. "Cold processing" has very high load energy (UV) photons. It can interrupt the chemical bonds in the material or the surrounding medium, so that the material is damaged by non thermal process, and the inner and nearby regions are not produced by heating or thermal deformation, and then processed. The material has smooth edges and extremely low carbonization, so it has dropped to a low level on fineness and heat impact, which is a great leap in laser technology. Shenzhen Chen hada Technology Co., Ltd. has made extensive efforts in the field of laser marking machines, and has developed a series of standard and non-standard automatic laser marking machines.


Now, with the rapid development of laser equipment and the improvement of the power of the UV laser marking machine, the UV laser marking machine has been applied to the ultra fine processing market. The surface of the packaging bottle of iPhone, cosmetics, medicine, food and other polymer materials, the flexible PCB plate marking and cutting, the microporous silicon wafer and the blind hole add. LCD, liquid crystal glass, glassware surface, metal surface coating, plastic buttons, electronic raw materials, gifts, communication equipment, building materials and other fields.


Many of the common signs in our lives, such as metal or non metal marks, words and patterns, BMW signs, mobile phone keys, etc., are all marked by the UV laser marking machine. The principle is that the laser energy of the UV laser marking machine evaporates the surface of the target material and exposes the material deep, thus "engraving" the required pattern words. In a simple way, the laser beam is used to print the marks on the surface of various materials.


In the new survey, in addition to the electronic manufacturing industry, the precision laser manufacturing and service industry is one of the potential industries in the emerging industry, and is at the beginning of its growth. According to the US photoelectron Development Association, laser manufacturing and service industry has become a big laser application industry besides laser communication and laser storage technology. Therefore, the UV laser marking machine is constantly replacing and breaking through the traditional processing and manufacturing technology. The UV laser marking machine will surpass the ordinary laser processing industry, and the future of the UV laser marking machine has a broad prospect.

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