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Performance characteristics of fully automatic laser welding machine

Time:2018-05-11 17:18:20

Performance characteristics of fully automatic laser welding machine


First:The full automatic laser welding machine is used to weld the object with high energy pulse laser. The high energy and high density of the laser pulse can make the welding smooth and the weld width is small. It can complete the automatic precision welding which the traditional process can't be realized.


Second:The automatic laser welding machine can achieve spot welding, butt welding, superposition welding and sealing welding for thin wall materials. The laser power is large, the heat affected area is small, the deformation is small, and the welding speed is fast.


Third:The quality of the weld is high and beautiful and no hole. The toughness of the material after welding is at least equivalent to the parent material. The humanized design, the LCD screen display and the centralized key operation are more simple.


Fourth:The four-dimensional ball screw worktable adopts imported servo control system and optional rotating worktable. It can realize spot welding, linear welding, circumferential welding and other automatic welding.


Fifth:The current waveform can be adjusted arbitrarily, and different waveforms can be set according to the different welding materials, so that the welding parameters and welding requirements can be matched to achieve a better welding effect.

 Fully automatic laser welding machine

Application field of fully automatic laser welding machine


Bathroom industry:


Water pipe joint, variable diameter joint, three pass, valve.


Battery industry:


Laser welding of lithium battery, battery pack and electrode.


Eyeglasses industry:


Precision welding such as stainless steel, titanium alloy and so on.


Hardware industry:


Impeller, kettle, handle, etc. the welding of complex stamping parts and casting parts.

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