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Advantages of laser welding machine compared with traditional welding technology

Time:2018-05-11 17:23:43

The laser welding machine is divided into two kinds, which are pulsed laser spot welding and continuous laser seal welding. Pulse laser is mainly used for spot welding and seam welding of thin wall metal material within 1mm thickness. The ratio of depth and width to continuous fiber laser welding is large and the speed of welding is fast. Laser welding is to irradiate the laser beam with high energy density to two parts, so that the local heat is melted and then cooled and solidified.Compared with the traditional welding technology, the laser welding machine has the following advantages:


1. No contact processing, no external force on welding parts.


2. The laser energy is highly concentrated, the heat effect is small, and the thermal deformation is small.


3. It can weld metals with high melting point, refractory and difficult to weld, such as titanium alloy, aluminum alloy and so on. The welding of some different kinds of materials can be achieved.


4. The welding process has no pollution to the environment and can be directly welded in the air, and the process is simple.

 Sample drawing of laser welding

5. The solder joint is small, the weld is narrow, neat and beautiful, and there is no need for processing or simply processing after welding. The weld structure is uniform, the pores are few and the defects are few, which can reduce and optimize the miscellaneous material. The mechanical strength of the weld is often higher than that of the base metal. Laser welding has better mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and electromagnetism properties than conventional welding methods.


6. Laser can precisely control, focus light spot is small, high-precision positioning, precision machining.


7. It is easy to cooperate with computer numerical control system or manipulator and robot to realize automatic welding and improve production efficiency.


Therefore, the laser welding machine has the advantages of high precision, high efficiency, high strength and timeliness, so as to ensure the quality, production and delivery time. At present, laser welding has become a competitive processing means in the precision processing industry. It is widely used in the spot welding, superposition and sealing welding of the special requirements in the machinery, electronics, battery, aviation, instrument and other industries.

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