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Price and purchase suggestion of optical fiber laser welding machine

Time:2018-05-11 17:29:15

At present, the price of the optical fiber laser welding machine is high, because the price of the different power fiber laser welding machines varies from tens to hundreds of thousands, so a lot of customers tend to choose the smaller type of power to reduce the cost.

From procurement costs, this is understandable. But if the product you want to soldering is thicker, it needs continuous mass production in a long time. It is difficult for small power models to meet the corresponding welding requirements of products. At this time, customers often use full power laser welding machine to complete the welding process. Is this good for laser welding equipment? In fact, this is very bad.

First、The main component laser power supply: full power use is like 120 yards of long run car, which can easily lead to aging of laser power supply (mainly power source), and the aging of related electronic and optical components, and shorten the service life of the components.

Second、The main components are laser xenon lamp and crystal: the consumption of consumables is faster, such as the normal light emission of a xenon lamp 1 million times, the long time full load will be reduced to about hundreds of thousands of times.

Third、The main component laser cold water machine: the cold water machine starts and stops the high frequency operation, and consumes the compressor and the main components in it very much, shortens the service life of the cold water machine.Optical fiber laser welding machine

Therefore, the technical engineers of our morning and hatha laser suggest that when the customers choose to buy the optical fiber laser welding machine, we first consider the material and thickness of the welding products, and then choose the type suitable for power. This will not only achieve the best welding effect, but also increase the service life of the equipment.

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