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Ten important matters of attention in the use of laser marking machine in winter

Time:2018-05-11 17:41:57

Users in the daily use of laser marking machine have some attention, especially now enter the winter, the weather is cold, in the use of laser marking equipment, more attention should be paid to prevent the equipment damage due to operational problems. Here are ten tips for using the laser marking machine in winter:


1、In any case, before opening the acoustooptic power supply, make sure that the laser tube is fully cooled by water, otherwise the acousto-optic device will be burned. We must pay attention to the boot sequence of laser marking machine, and the order of shutting down should also be paid attention to.

2、The shell of the marking machine must be reliably grounded, otherwise it may cause damage to the precision vibration lens and cause damage to the YAG rods and lasers.

3、In order to prevent dust from entering the light road, computer and laser power to cause static electricity, the necessary measures should be taken. Try not to place the laser marking machine in the lower air vent, the intersection and the dust easily. If the place is limited, shade should be adopted to cover the ash road. The problem of dust prevention is enough. There will be no other reason for it.

4、After laser marking, the gas on the surface of the workpiece rises and a part of it condenses on the surface of the mirror just above. After a period of time, it will affect the light. In general, we should check the translucent oil stain on the field mirror for several months. If you have, in the state of shutdown, the use of industrial anhydrous alcohol and medical skimmed cotton ball can be gently removed from the inner circle round a circle and clean, and then check if there is no cotton wool on it, if there is, should be lightly erased. Attention should be paid to alcohol evaporation before starting the laser marking machine.

5、In the absence of laser, it is forbidden to transfer the mirror frame at will. Otherwise, the laser will not be able to output laser. There is no need to reset the optical path unless there is a focal point beside the laser marking machine, so there is no need to worry about such failures and problems.

6、Another place to be ignored is the cold water machine. Cold water machine in winter and summer, due to different heat dissipation conditions, should set the median of circulating temperature at 25 degrees and 28 degrees respectively, in order to reduce circulating water scale, should use pure water, and use frequency every 1 to 2 months to change water once, filter screen once every half year, filter cartridge once every 1-2 years. And pay attention to the water cooler, the water is less than 2/3 of the full time to add water. Pay attention to the change of water quality and replace the cooling water regularly.

7、Note that the computer does not infect the virus. Before using the U disk, the U disk should be killed. Some parameter values are recorded at ordinary times. Even if the laser software is reinfected, the values of each parameter can be filled in order to ensure that the marking quality is not affected.

8、In addition, there are many electrical parts in the laser marking machine. Don't place the laser marking machine in the rain.

9、The two ends of the connecting pipe must be strictly leak checked, otherwise the cooling system will not be able to cool.

10、The wrong operation sequence will cause the laser to not work properly.UV laser marking machine

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