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Common fault and treatment method of automatic laser welding machine

Time:2018-05-11 17:51:05

In order to make the laser welding machine work better, reduce the number of failures and increase the efficiency, we must understand the problems that should be paid attention to and the treatment method of failure in order to make the laser welding machine work better. The following is the morning Hau laser technology personnel to analyze the automatic laser welding machine common fault handling methods.


1、The automatic laser welding machine equipment operation abnormal stop: check the touch screen alarm picture related alarm, the alarm is the device will automatically switch to the pause state and the reset button will flicker at the frequency of 0.2S, and the buzzer will call the frequency of 1s and the red light of the three color lamp are always bright, and after the related alarm, the alarm reset button will be resolved. You can reset the alarm and press the start button to continue running;


2、When the laser welding is mistaken, press the rush button in time, the system will automatically cut off the laser control, the power of each servo motor, prevent the accident, and the initialization operation must be carried out after the emergency stop;


3、When the automatic laser welding machine does not move, please check whether the touch screen has any relevant alarm or the equipment is in suspension or waiting state:


The whole machine reset alarm: it is necessary to reset the automatic laser welding machine to run the whole machine;


4、Limit alarm: it indicates that the motor reaches the soft limit and can only run in the opposite direction without reset;


5、Shaft ALM alarm: simply return the alarm to the reset shaft in the function window or press the reset button;


6、When the operation of the laser is not controlled, it is necessary to press the quick stop button quickly. The emergency stop press will stop sending the laser signal and the welding shaft is out of power, the emergency stop button is processed after the failure, and the automatic laser welding machine is reset and reoperated.


Note: several minutes of automatic laser welding equipment:


Welding will automatically stop dedusting and blow nitrogen after stopping for one minute;


When an alarm occurs, the beep will be repeated after one minute;


Online body feed lasts only one minute, only ? 1PCS will automatically feed;


After the failure, we can refer to the above contents for operation inspection.

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