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Pipeline laser marking machine provides new power for environmental labeling

Time:2018-05-11 17:57:48

Efficiency is the life of enterprise production, and improving efficiency is to provide the competitiveness of enterprises. Now more and more enterprises take the production mode of pipeline, because the past marking method can only mark the static products by laser. This low efficiency industrial production mode will be replaced. In order to meet the needs of industrial production now, laser manufacturers also actively carry out research in this area, and introduce laser marking machine. It is different from the traditional optical fiber laser marking machine that can only mark the static object. The current pipelined laser marking machine can mark the product when the product is in motion state, realize the synchronous operation of the product and the marking processing, effectively improve the production efficiency, and make the optical fiber laser marking machine capable It is more adaptable to the requirements of industrial production.


At present, the application of the pipelined laser marking machine in the industrial field is not only limited to the packaging of the products, the date of the production of the outer body and the marking of the batch number. At present, with the gradual maturation of the line marking technology of the pipeline, the pipelined laser marking machine has been widely used in our current study type health care products and life classes. Food, beverages, tobacco, liquor and electronics, as well as industrial and heavy industrial products: automotive parts, craft products, apparel accessories and many other areas. At present, the line laser marking machine is gradually discarding the original mode of the development of the original field, is gradually moving towards the direction of many fields, excellent performance advantages, and more and more show the application value of the on-line flying laser marking machine.


The pipelined laser marking machine operates by using the principle of movement type, and adopts the vector marking to carry out the carving and operation of the moving jet printing object with the movement of the unidirectional axis direction cursor, which greatly simplifies the process procedure, which not only brings the productive benefit to the present processing, but also the human flow. And time and energy have also been greatly reduced, which can effectively reduce the production costs of enterprises. With the rapid development of science and technology, the application and technology of the pipelined laser marking machine will be more and more perfect. The effect and quality of its marking will be improved gradually. It is believed that the economic value of the laser marking machine in the future pipeline will be more prominent, and the fields that can be adapted will be more extensive.

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