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Analysis of common faults of scanning galvanometer and galvanometer motor in laser marking machine

Time:2018-08-27 17:30:16

Analysis of common faults of scanning galvanometer and galvanometer motor in laser marking machine

1. The drive board has no indication or the drive board smokes when starting for the first time.

Cause: The power supply is not connected or the power supply polarity is reversed.

Solution: Check that the power wiring is correct.

2. The red light on the driver board is always on.

Cause: The motor is not in good contact with the engine board.

Solution: Check that the wire contact between the motor and the engine board is secure.

3. After starting, the red light is bright for a long time and has a squeaky sound.

Cause: A limit protection has occurred.

Solution: Check the input signal to see if the input signal amplitude is too large. If the input signal is normal, please contact the laser manufacturer.

4. After starting, the motor has a howling sound and the motor is hot.

Cause: The lens is strong.

Solution: If the lens is loose, return to the manufacturer.

5, the marking chart forms a straight line

Cause: The galvanometer has an axis that does not work.

Solution: Check whether the connection between the motor and the engine board, the D/A card output signal line and the driver board, and the power supply and the driver board are secure.

6. There are corrugations in the marked line segment: there is a problem with the grounding.

Solution: Check if the ground wire is connected.

Laser marking machine scanning galvanometer

Daily maintenance and precautions for laser marking machine

1, matters needing attention

1 The laser is an air-cooled laser, and the working environment (room temperature) temperature is required to be between 10 ° C and 35 ° C (25 ° C optimal).

2 It is forbidden to bend the fiber. If it needs to be bent, ensure that the minimum diameter of the fiber bend is greater than 20 cm.

3 When an abnormality occurs, first turn off the laser power supply and the galvanometer power supply, and then check.

2, routine maintenance

1 The lens is cleaned. It is recommended to clean it before work every day. The equipment must be turned off. Focusing the mirror, rotate the focusing mirror from the frame, bend the lens paper into a few folds, wet it with a cleaning solution, and wipe the surface of the lens with a damp lens paper several times until the mirror is clean and free of dust. With oil on the lens surface.

2 Regularly clean the surface and inside of the machine to ensure that the interior is clean.

3 common troubleshooting.

A. Cannot turn on Check if the power is turned on and check if the air switch is closed.

B. Marking is dull. The red light does not show whether the laser control line on the USB board is loose. Check whether the laser power supply 24V switching power supply is normal. Check whether the laser cooling fan works normally.

C, the air switch trips, the main circuit has component damage.

D, the galvanometer does not move, or one direction does not move, check whether the XY status indicator of the galvanometer is normal, laser marking machine maintenance check whether the galvanometer wiring is loose, check whether the galvanometer switch power supply is normal, check the USB board galvanometer Whether the output signal is normal.

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