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What is the price of a new laser marking machine?

Time:2018-05-11 16:59:05

About the price of laser marking machine, almost everyone consulted is a straight forward inquiry. What's the price of such a complete brand new laser marking machine? Chen Hao Da laser Xiaobian today will tell you a price range. First of all, we pay attention to several laser marking machines on the market:Optical fiber laser marking machine

What is the price of the optical fiber laser marking machine?

The decisive price of fiber laser marking machine is: the power is usually 20W, 30W, 50W, 60W and alumina special type. There are differences between domestic and imported, there are differences between lasers. Some of the mainstream lasers currently used are: Chuang Xin, Lian pin, Dept, IPG and so on. The price of these configurations is generally above 2.3W, and the price is too low. If the buyer wants to consider it, the choice of the basic machine configuration, the technical efficiency of the engineer's adjustment, the quality of service after sale and so on are all the important factors for the price consideration.UV laser marking machine

How much is the price of the UV laser marking machine?

The characteristic of the UV price marking machine is that "cold light treatment" is not easy to cause the laser to make the material deform, and the material prototype is guaranteed to a large extent. This is the advantage of many laser marking machines. Power is generally: 3W, 5W, 8W, 10W and so on. There are also differences between domestic and imported products, because of their unique structural principles. The price is slightly more expensive than other models, and the market is less than 8.9W.CO2 laser marking machine

What is the price of the CO2 laser marking machine?

The marking principle of CO2 laser marking machine is the marking of laser beams on different kinds of material surfaces. The effect of marking is to expose deep materials through evaporation of surface materials, so as to engrave fine patterns, trademarks and characters. This kind of power is high, suitable for marking, hollowing and even cutting with strong marking intensity. There are currently 20W, 30W, 50W, 100W and other power specifications. Carbon dioxide laser marking machine used in wood, leather, acrylic and fabric marking is quite effective. There are also domestic and imported equipment, and the price is generally above 3.4W.


How much is the non - standard automatic laser marking machine?

Non standard automatic laser marking machine has no specific standard, so it is called non-standard. It is generally used for assembly line and automation to achieve efficient production. This is also the trend of future development. It is more intelligent and more comprehensive to achieve high efficiency processing. So the price of this model can not be fixed, only to determine the process of product processing, production demand, custom plan, purchase the corresponding configuration, can draw up a suitable price. Naturally, the price of this non-standard custom model is also good.


When the manufacturers of laser processing are buying equipment, they need to be made in accordance with the material, materials, types and types of the products that they need to be labeled, and whether they need to meet the production mode of the assembly line. First of all, through the analysis of these points to judge the suitable marking machine, to sum up, because of its power, model principle, configuration source, core technology directly determine the price. So you can better choose when you buy, better find the suitable product, from the cost-effective, to practical, to the later use and maintenance of these aspects.

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