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Daily maintenance and maintenance of laser welding machine

Time:2018-05-11 17:32:47

Maintenance refers to the protection and repair of things, so as to maintain normal condition. Girls always buy various kinds of skin care products. It turns out that girls who maintain are indeed younger and younger than those who do not maintain.


Machines are the same. Daily maintenance and maintenance can make the equipment work better, and allow the equipment to use longer years to create greater value for us.


Today I want to talk about the routine maintenance and maintenance of laser welding machine.


Environmental requirements and cleanliness


①The machine must be installed in a ventilated and dry environment, the ambient temperature is not more than 35 degrees centigrade, the equipment is well ventilated around the equipment, and the space of more than 50 centimeters is left with the wall surface, especially the air outlet behind the water tank should be guaranteed to be well ventilated.


②Since the main components of the machine are optical elements, the external environment should be maintained regularly:


A:Peripheral environment of equipment


B:Light road dustproof cover


Maintenance and maintenance of refrigerator


①Make sure that the water level in the tank reaches the designated location before starting;


②Replace the water tank once a day for 30 days to ensure the cleanliness of the condensing chamber. Otherwise, the laser energy will be affected, and the difference will be pure water;


③Clean the dust-proof network regularly (about 15 days). The cleaning method is to remove the filter net, directly spray the compressed air or rinse with tap water;


④When the filter element is found to be yellow or black, it is necessary to replace the new one in time. The replacement time is 2 months.


Change the xenon lamp on a regular basis


①Xenon lamp is one of the consumables for the machine. Because of the long time use of equipment, the energy of xenon lamp will be reduced;


②If the parameter is set to 160A-180A, the new xenon lamp should be replaced when the product is still unable to be welded;


③The service life of the xenon lamp is more than 3 million times or about 4 months.


Replacement of protective lenses


①Lens protection is also one of the consumables. The installation of protective lenses is to protect the focus lens from damage;


②After a long time working for a long time, there will be dirt and slag on the surface of the lens. It is recommended to wipe the surface with the mirror paper before and after the start of the machine, and can not be removed to ensure that the laser output does not reduce the laser light transmittance.


Simple troubleshooting


①Open the cabinet and open the key switch without reaction;


A:Measure whether the main power supply line has voltage input;


B:Check whether the emergency switch is pressed (right to the right).


②When the power is started normally, the undervoltage is displayed on the right side of the screen


A:Check whether the water is normal (whether the water tank is alarms, whether there is running water);


B:Power off to see whether the electrode chuck at both ends of the xenon lamp is loose;


C: To see if xenon lamp is aging or damaged (replace one); if the problem is still unsolved, please contact the manufacturer for technical advice promptly.


③The laser energy is suddenly weakened during the operation of the machine


A:Check whether the protective lens under the laser focusing mirror is damaged;


B:Check whether the water temperature in the water tank is high or not;


C:Open the light road dust cover to check whether the laser cavity is exposed (wipe the water with a paper towel) and see if the two end of the laser rod has water droplets (clean the ring with a clean cotton swab);


D:When the water tank works, observe whether or not the ends of the laser rod have water exudation (if there is a stop) possible seal ring has been damaged, please contact the agent or manufacturer to give telephone guidance or home repair service.

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Due to the change in the natural environment of the laser welding machine equipment, if the temperature is lower than 5 degrees below the temperature in winter, the internal circulation water of the water tank and the water in the chamber will be exhausted so as not to cause unnecessary loss.

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