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Is the laser of a laser marking machine harmful to the human body?

Time:2018-05-11 18:18:02

It has not been said that the radiation of laser marking machine affects human health, but because it is used in industrial production, if it is pregnant, there is no more contact. In fact, we live a lot of electrical appliances, such as computers, microwave ovens, electromagnetic furnace and so on to produce radiation, but leaving a certain distance, the electromagnetic radiation rate will decrease sharply. In order to ensure the health of the next generation, try to leave a distance in the operation of these electrical appliances, the mother's words, do not use these appliances.

Laser marking machineThe laser used belongs to the 4 kind of laser, and its output laser is invisible infrared light. Even in the case of partial focus, it may cause three degree burns. The beam of laser output contains visible and invisible radiation, which is harmful to the human eye. Eyes or skin should be avoided to be exposed to direct laser beams or scattered radiation. Before operation or use oflaser marking machine, all personnel around the equipment must use the special safety protection device for it. In case of accidental laser radiation or scattering.

What is the principle of the optical fiber laser marking machine?
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