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Give a pair of eyesight to purchase laser marking machine correctly

Time:2018-05-11 18:12:49

Laser marking machine is very common in industrial application. How should we choose suitable laser equipment with reasonable price in the face of many laser equipment? Today, I would like to talk about how to correctly select laser marking equipment.

First、Principle of selecting and purchasing laser marking machine:

Laser marking technology has many precious characteristics. However, the following principles should be followed to determine whether a product is suitable for adoption:

1、It can't be solved by other methods. It can only be solved by laser processing;

2、It can be solved by other existing processing methods, but the use of laser processing methods can greatly improve the quality of products, improve production efficiency and significantly increase economic and social benefits;

3、We should give full consideration to those matching parts related to laser processing in the manufacturing process;

4、Attention should be paid to the application of laser processing and conventional machining technology in order to make full use of their strengths;

5、In the actual application, if the economy is not tense, it is suggested to purchase the import configuration, because some of the domestic technologies are still not required, the foreign configuration machines are stable, the after-sale maintenance is less, and the wage efficiency is greatly improved.

Second、Specific requirements for selecting lasers:

1、The output of laser beam is good, including the stability of mode and mode;

2、Whether the output power of the laser is large enough (this is the key to the speed and effect), the energy is stable (usually requires a stability of 2%, and in some cases the requirement is 1%, so that the ideal effect can be processed);

3、Lasers should be highly reliable and should be able to work continuously under harsh industrial processing conditions;

4、The laser itself should have good maintainability, fault diagnosis and interlocking function, and the downtime is short;

5、The operation is simple and convenient, the control key function is clear, can reject illegal operation, and protect the laser from damage. In addition, the price is also a key factor to be considered.

How big is the power of a laser marking machine
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