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What are the classification of laser marking machines?

Time:2018-05-11 18:25:35

According to different materials and different characteristics of different wavelengths of laser absorption, the laser marking machine is generally divided into two categories. One is the use of YAG laser, which is suitable for the processing of metal materials and most of the non-metallic materials, such as iron, copper, aluminum, gold, silver and other metals and all kinds of alloys, as well as ABS, ink coating, epoxy tree. Fat and so on. Another type of CO2 laser can only process non-metallic materials, such as wood, paper, acrylic, glass and so on. Some materials can also be applied to two types of laser marking machines, but the effect of marking is different. According to the laser, there are solid state lasers, fiber lasers, gas lasers, semiconductor lasers and so on. A relatively mature laser marking machine in China is a YAG solid laser marking machine. YAG marking machine includes three major categories: lamp pump, semiconductor and optical fiber. The CO2 marking machine includes two kinds of radio frequency tube and glass tube. These five kinds of products constitute the standard type of laser marking machine. In view of the actual needs of different users, with different configuration, fixture tooling and tailored software system, a perfect solution for laser marking is formed. Compared with traditional marking methods such as pneumatic marking, electric corrosion, screen printing, inkjet printer and mechanical engraving, laser marking has the following advantages:

 1. Laser processing is light contact, non mechanical contact, no mechanical stress, so it is especially suitable for high hardness (such as hard alloy), high brittleness (such as solar silicon wafer), high melting point and high precision (such as precision bearing).

 2.Laser processing has high energy density, short time, small heat affected zone, small thermal deformation and little thermal stress, which will not affect internal electrical performance. Especially the cold processing of 532 mu m, 355 m, 266 m laser is suitable for precision machining of special materials.

 3. Laser direct burning etch is a mark of sex, can not be erased, will not fail, deformation and shedding. It is suitable for anti-counterfeiting and anti fleeing products, so as to achieve the traceability requirement of products.

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